I have been able to borrow a book of press cuttings taken from local papers which I think were the "Southern Weekly News" and the "Evening Argus".  These are all from the 1920s and 30s.  Vera Sims has lent them to me and I believe they were compiled by a journalist who worked on the newspapers.

I find them fascinating in the way they give a snapshot of village life as reported by the local press.  Every time I look through them I find something new.  

Below are the months and years I have copied. The pages may take a little while to load.  

Click on the appropriate month to go to the cuttings.


January 1928

January 1929  


February 1928 

February 1929 


March 1928 

March 1929 


 April 1928

 April 1929


 May 1928

May 1929 


June 1928 

 June 1929


July 1928 



August 1928 



September 1928 



 October 1928



 November 1928



 December 1928









































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