Guinness Time was a quarterly publication by the Guinness company and was distributed to all Guinness staff.  There was normally a page or two about the Hop Farms.  

On particularly interesting feature of the publication was the Guinness related illustration on the front cover. Several covers featured characters from Alice in Wonderland. Below you will find thumbnails of the covers.  I hope you find them interesting.

Please click on the illustration for a larger picture or on the words for the appropriate extract.

Guinness Time Christmas 1947 Guinnes Time Autumn 1948 Guinnes Time Spring 1949 Guinness Time Christmas 1950
Guinness Time Autumn 1952 Guinness Time Christmas 1952 Guinness Time Autumn 1954 Guinness Time Bisontenery Edistion 1959
Guinness Time Summer 1960 Guinness Time Autumn 1965 Guinness Time Winter 1972
Guinness Time Summer 1973