First Aid on Guinness Hop Farms

Articles in "Guinness Time" have referred to First Aid competition between Bodiam and Park Royal.  The three photos below have, I think, a relevance to the provision of first aid in Bodiam.  If anyone can help further, please let me know.

I have no idea were this photo was taken or the occasion.  I am assuming it had some relevance to First Aid because at the far right of the photo are Don Foster and Albert Weddle (see photo below)Also the gentlemen in peaked caps look like they could be St John's Ambulance staf
I cannot recognise any other people in the photo.

I am assuming this photo is a First Aid Competition.  From left to right are Bunny Lawrence, Don Foster, Basil Bambridge and Albert Weddle.

This photo is of Albert Weddle in some sort of uniform in Levvetts Lane, again I am assuming it to be some sort of First Aid uniform.
Note the "erk" on his bike on the right of the picture, it is yours truly (Keith Ennis).

All photos on this page from the Weddle Family album