David Weekes worked at Udiam between 1951 and 1955.  He has sent me the following photos which he hopes people will find interesting.

Park Camp

Terry Weller (left) and David Weekes in 1955

David Weekes entertaining the hop pickers in a talent competion.

Ditch Cleaning, Udiam

This is a photo of Bill Dawson in the ditch and Bob Barber 1954

Bill Dawson (left) and David Weekes 1954
When we were cleaning out these ditches we often got one or two nice fat eels which made a good meal.

David Weekes and dog

Muck Loading, Udiam

David Weekes loading muck, aged 18 in 1951.
This was piece work at 1 shilling a load.

Hop Picking, Udiam

David Weekes (far right) with some hop pickers from London - 1952

This photo is of David Weekes on a bike taken whilst working in Lordship Wood, Udiam, where he made faggots for the hop pickers to burn when cooking. 

He got 2 1/2d for each for making them, so had to make 96 to earn a 1. In the spring he made bean poles on for a shilling a bundle 20 for a 1, and pea sticks (boughs) for the locals, 6d a bundle 40 to the 1.

Horace Masters who lived in the cottages at Udiam whilst he was working in the Lordship Wood

This photo was taken in Lordship Wood in 1953/4.
My main job was as a faggot maker, other jobs included shaving hop poles at one shilling each, 20 for 1.
Working alongside me was Reg Saxby from Staplecross.  He made Chestnut Fencing, we remained close friends until his death.
Reg left me his two bill hooks, which I still have and use.

This photo was taken at Terrace Wood Hostel in 1950 and I was living there at this time.
The hostel was run by Guinness's for their single workers but they let me stop there even though I was working for Lady Estella Hope at South Park Farm where my duties included hand milking the Jersey cows and attending to the famous Shetland ponies.
I had to take water out to the drinking troughs with a horse drawn water cart which was drawn by a poor old black cart horse about 25 years old, who had to keep stopping to get his breath.