Bodiam Women's Institute

    In 1965, the Women's Institute celebrated it's Golden Jubilee.  All Women's Institutes in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man were asked to record the way of life in their community.  These scrapbooks were then judged by the county organisations and the best ones were submitted to the Federation of Women's Institutes for judging.  The Daily Telegraph press cutting from 12 April 1966 gives further details.

    The Bodiam Women's Institute Scrapbook was masterminded by Muriel Barber and is currently held by Dora Churcher.  She kindly lent it to me to copy and make available on this website.

    I have done some searches on the internet to see if I could find other village scrapbooks and I only managed to find one or two.  It would seem that most of them are have been lodged with the County archives which is an excellent place for them to be kept for prosperity.  However, it does mean that many people cannot easily view the scrapbooks and, given that in 2015 the Women's Institute movement will be celebrating it's Centenary, it would be nice to see more of them made available on the internet.

    Below are links to the Bodiam Scrapbook.  Please click on the description to take you to the relevant page/s.

Bodiam WI Scrapbook
Scrapbook Front CoverDaily Telegraph 12 April 1966Daily Telegraph 15 April 1966
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