Bodiam Cub pack was run for many years by Mrs Barber who was Akela. 

Before she died, she entrusted a photograph album, a Jubilee Scrapbook and several loose photos of Bodiam Cub Pack to Mrs Edna Breeds.

Edna has now passed these photos to me and over time, I hope to be able to put them all on this site. 
Several of the photos are quite small and have people in them who are difficult to identify.
Some of them have brief information on the back of them and others, well, I am left to guess.
The photos from the album have, in most cases, details of year, location and some names.
As ever, I would appreciate any further information about the photos.

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Original Bodiam Scouts and Cubs Page

Camps in the 1950s

Various Bodiam Cub Pack Photos

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1st Bodiam Cub Pack Jubilee Scrapbook - Wolf Cub Jubilee 1916 - 1966